Tips for a Domain Name Selection


10 Tips for Selecting a Proper Domain Name

Selecting a domain name is a bit confusing. It is one of the most critical parts of your website. In case you end up choosing the wrong domain name, you will not be able to change it afterwards. This can result in loss of traffic and sales. This is why you need to select the right domain name from the beginning. To make the process of selecting and buying a domain name simple and easy, we have compiled some tips below:

1. Stick with .com Extension or a Local One (.pk domain)

Choose and buy a domain name ending with .com, as Dot-com is the most common extension available. Many people have a habit of typing .com automatically. You can also choose a local extension specific to your country based on your target audience such as .pk domain. Although new extensions are available such, .pizza, .photography etc, they can be a bit unreliable. Plus users are not aware of these extensions and can type them wrong in the search results.

2. Make Use of Some Keywords in Your Domain Name 

A website is of no use if it doesn't get much traffic or bring the required clients. For this reason, you must focus on keyword based domain names in your niche. They help search engines in understanding the content of your website.
However, it's not easy to find domain names with targeted keywords that easily. However, just be creative and play around words to find a good domain name with targeted keywords to get the edge over your competitors.

3. Keep It Precise 

Keep your domain name short and simple. Dont settle for a lengthy domain name even if it contains keywords. Simple and short domain names are easy to memorize. The recommended length is 15 characters. People will not only forget about the lengthy domain names but will also make ping errors which will lead to loss in your website’s traffic.

4. Make Sure It is Easy to Pronounce

Domain names also need to have an easy pronunciation and spellings. Otherwise again users will type in wrong spellings or pronounce it wrongly to get wrong results.

5. Must be Catchy and Unique

The domain name also needs to be catchy and unique so it sticks in a user’s mind. You can always research your competitors to get the idea of the domain names they are using. However, make sure you don't end up copying someone else’s  trademark. Go for a domain name that is brandable for example eBay is a brandable name compared to “” 

6. Don't Use Hyphens in a Domain Name

Hyphens are a big no in a domain name as they are a sign of spam domains. Hyphenated domains are also vulnerable to typing errors. If you select a domain name with hyphens because the one without it is in use, , then your users may end up at your competitor’s website in case of a typo.

7. Avoid Double Letters

Doubled letters should also be avoided or you will end up losing traffic.  For example a domain name such as globalsupporttrust is more prone to typos and will result in loss of traffic. Avoiding doubled letters also makes domain names brandable.

8. Make Sure it is Extendable

Since you can change your domain name or you will have to start the branding process from scratch, it's always a good idea to select an extendable domain name. For example, if you want to sell flowers, don't choose something like roses online, as it only describes roses. You may want to deal with other types of flowers later on. So make sure you choose a flexible domain name from the start.

9. Always do Proper Research For Your Domain Name

Before domain name registration, run research to check if there is a registered business using that same name. You can also conduct a trademark search to find someone using the exact name. You can use our Serversea domain registration search bar to check if it's registered etc.

10. You can always Use Domain Name Generators for More Ideas

 Domain name generators are also available to help you give ideas. Brainstorming and searching for domain names individually are quite time-consuming. This is why you can speed up the process with domain name generators. These are available for free and help find hundreds of clever domain name ideas.