5 Benefits of Creating a Personal Website for Job Hunting


5 Benefits of Creating a Personal Website for Job Hunting

Finding work is not easy in this increasingly competitive world. However, there are some unique ways for finding opportunities and one of those ways is to create a personal website. It may require some investment upfront for purchasing a domain and web hosting, but it is worth it.

If you are reluctant about website creation, then here are some benefits shared below to convince you otherwise:

1. Shows Creativity

Some of the hiring managers turn to Google for searching for potential candidates. If your personal website pops up then that's a great chance to impress them with your creativity and unique skills.

2. Enhances your personal profile 

A personal website helps to build your online profile. A profile is everything in this day and age of social media. If you already have social profiles then a website would further enhance your presence online by presenting you in the best possible way. It is a great way for self-promotion.

3. Helps with personal branding

It may sound weird to you but a personal website is your personal brand and can impress the recruiting managers. Your website is proof that you know how branding works and they can hire you for their company.

4. Complete control for presenting yourself 

Your website is your own. You have complete control over it. You can showcase whatever work samples you want. You are free to choose the colors, images, and keywords.

5. A.simple process 

Creating a website for reaching out to most people seemed like an expensive idea in the past. But it is not the same anymore. The reality has changed and today you can create a website even on your own without hiring any technical web developers.

Powerful web builders and CMS are available such as WordPress, Squarespace, etc to make this job a matter of hours.

Steps to create a personal website for finding Jobs

Here are a few steps to help you create a personal website for finding your dream job and starting a magical career.

1. Plan & Strategize Everything

The first step in creating a website is to have a clear plan and strategy behind its development. You must be aware of your target audience, the role you play yourself, the style and tone of your site, your position in the industry, your own style, and a blog section. You can search Google for further inspiration. Like everything else, It has great ideas to help you decide the website's appearance and functionality.

2. Purchase a domain name

A domain name is the website address. People type it and head straight to your website. This adds to traffic over time if everything is properly managed.
Set your own name as the domain name. However, you can not undo it and require active participation on your end. You can use your own name or some keywords related to the niche you have selected.

3. Using your Name or Keywords

Choose a domain that can include your name or even keywords related to your niche. This increases the visibility chances on the search engines.
However, finding and registering a domain is not that easy. Most of the domain names with keywords are already registered. But once you find an available domain name, go ahead and register it.

4. Select the platform for the website

After you have selected a domain and have registered it, the next step is to choose your website platform. Do you want to use a Web builder such as WordPress to get started? However, it is a little more complicated than web builders. But with some searches, you can find much helpful information on using WordPress for building a site.

5. Select the right web hosting

Just like domain registration, you also need affordable web hosting in Pakistan to get your site live and functional on the internet. Just select the right web hosting plan from ServerSea.pk to get started.

6. Pick keywords & write web copy

Search the right keywords by keeping user intent in mind. These keywords would help you regarding web promotion and SEO. Write a clear, persuasive, and plagiarism-free web copy inducted with these keywords to start making an impression in the digital world.
7. Add Headshots
A picture is worth a thousand words. Do you remember this line? It is true and makes a strong impression on the one visiting your website. Don't forget to add headshots and all the relevant imagery to make it more appealing and interesting.
8. Start web building 
Now that you have done all the website prerequisites, it's time for you to select the web builder. You can watch different YouTube tutorials regarding the website platform you have chosen to get started.
Good luck and happy website building