Tips for Domain registration in Pakistan


An Ultimate Guide to Domain Registration in Pakistan

Many people interested in online business or blogging find it difficult to grasp digital terminologies such as a website’s domain name and web hosting. What is a domain name? Why is it required? How is it linked with the website? How to find and get done with domain registration in Pakistan? How much does the domain cost? These are some of the questions that arise when you start or plan to develop a website for business or blogging.

If you are the one, who is looking for answers to these queries then you are at the right place. This article is a complete guide to understanding what a domain name is and all the queries associated with the domain name are shared on this page. Let's get started:

What is a domain name?

A domain is the name of a website that the user types in the browser to access or reach the website. You can also say that the domain name is the website’s URL.  
For instance, the domain name of Google is The domain is also associated with the example of a house and address. People use your address to reach your house. Likewise, the user types your domain to reach your website. 

Domains are complex numeric addresses (such as that are difficult to remember. Therefore, human-friendly domain names were introduced to let people memorize the domain names and can easily search them using browsers.

Domain has two parts: domain and domain extension (aka top-level domain). The initial portion of the URL is termed a domain while the last portion is known as a domain extension. For example, has two sections, first, Serversea is known as the domain name while .pk is a domain extension. The extensions vary according to business and user choice. .com is the most popular and commonly used TLD. On the other hand, local TLDs such, .ae or .pk domain registration are useful for local business promotion. If your business has clientele in Pakistan then register pk domain instead of .com TLD.

Choosing a Domain Name

A domain name is the first thing required prior to website development. Moreover, as defined earlier, it is the name of a website and needs to be selected precisely. For your ease, we are sharing some tips and tricks that will help you to choose a good domain name for your business.

The characteristics of a good domain are as follows.

1. A domain should be short, precise, and unique.
2. Avoid spelling mistakes in the domain.
3. It must be easy to memorize.
4. The spellings of the domain should not be confusing.
5. It must describe your business or blog.
6. Avoid using numbers, symbols, and characters in the domain name.
7. Domain should be verbal and easy to type.
8. It can include keywords which are good for SEO
9. Using a common or relevant domain extension is good.
10. Brand-able domains are good for businesses.
11. Make sure it is verbal and easy to remember.

Search for a good domain name following the above-mentioned characteristics. You can brainstorm various domains relevant to your blog niche or business website and then consult with the domain registration professionals. You can also ask for suggestions regarding your website’s domain name from family and friends. This is an effective way to find whether your domain name is easy to remember and pronounce. 

Searching a domain using tools

In case you are unable to find a suitable domain on your own, you can search using different domain name generation tools. Many online domain generators are available that can help you find the available domain names without paying any fee. You only need to share some relevant keywords to the tools and it will suggest suitable domains for your website. 

The most commonly used domain tools are, and many more. Just go to your browser and write a domain finder or domain generator and you will get the best tools on your search page.

Registering a Domain name in Pakistan

Many businesses throughout the globe are setting up business websites and therefore want to register a domain. A domain name is available only if it's unregistered. Once a domain is registered, it becomes unavailable to use for the other users. For example if you have registered then will be unavailable for the others, however, it can be available with the other TLDs such as, etc. Once you find a suitable domain that goes along with your brand, you must look to register it as soon as possible.

Wondering how to register a domain in Pakistan? Here are the steps you must follow to register a domain in Pakistan.

1. Choose a domain registrar that can register your domain name. For example is a hosting company that deals in domain registration in Pakistan. It offers a free domain with all its hosting plans. However, if you have already bought the hosting, then you can buy your domain at a cheap price separately.

2. Go to, to get all the domain registration details.
A search bar will appear on the screen, type your domain here and click search.

3. If your domain is available, then click on order to register it.

4. Price details and registration duration will appear on the screen. Choose according to your choice and add to the cart.
You can also choose to host your site under the same roof to easily manage both domain and hosting. 

5. Once you add the domain to your cart, your order summary will appear, click proceed to checkout.

6. Now add all the required information.

7. Make the payment according to the methods given.

8. Once you make the payment, the domain will be added to your account. Later, when you purchase hosting, the domain will be used.

9. Don’t forget to renew your domain name after one/two years depending on when it expires. Most users select yearly plans so it's best to renew them on an annual basis.

Is a domain name free?

The domain is not always free and you need to pay a small amount of money while registering. You can get free domains from blogger, WordPress, and other self-hosted platforms. However, it's followed by the company name. In the case of WordPress, the domain would be It's good for students who are learning web development, and marketing to practice their skills. But it is not a professional option and companies need to have a professional-looking domain to represent their business in front of potential customers.  


A domain name is the name of a website that users type to reach your site on the internet. Therefore, a good and easy-to-remember domain name must be chosen for building your brand name. It should be unique, short, brandable, relevant, and easy to memorize. You can brainstorm different domain names or use domain generator tools to find a suitable domain name for your website. Moreover, the domain can be registered at a moderate cost with any domain registrar in Pakistan. Lastly, always remember to renew your domain before it expires on an annual or biannual package that was selected during the buying process.