Guide to Web Hosting


An Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting in Pakistan

Newbies to the website world get confused about terms such as web hosting and domain registration. Some of the common questions that come to their mind include: What is Web Hosting? Why do you need hosting? What are the types of hosting? How to find and buy hosting? What factors should be considered to choose the right hosting? These are the most common questions that newbies ask while planning to start a website.

Are you the one who is finding the answer to these queries? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article is a complete guide to web hosting and how to select a web hosting in Pakistan for any website. Let's get started:

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a rented server space where the files and database of the website are stored. The information is used when any visitor reaches the site and asks any query. In short, web hosting makes your website connect with the world of the internet. Without web hosting, your website content is not displayed to the people searching for it via the internet. It stores all the web pages, images, content, videos, and other databases of a website.

Why do you need hosting?

Web hosting is a must for every website. As it's a place where all the website files reside, every website owner needs to purchase a reliable hosting plan for the website launch. This way the site would go live and become accessible to internet users. It can be associated with the example of a warehouse where you place all your stuff and products, and pay rent to the owner of the warehouse every month. The house stores all your stuff and makes it available upon request of the customer. 

Web hosting is a requirement of every website and without hosting a website is only visible to you on your computer. 

Types of Web Hosting

Various web hosting plans are available to cater to the requirements of web owners and for fulfilling the different website functionality Here is a list of the most commonly used types of hosting with their features.

Shared Hosting

It is the cheapest type of hosting and is commonly used by small blogs, and personal or portfolio websites. As the name indicates, the single server is shared among different websites. All the resources of shared hosting are limited. Therefore, this type of hosting cannot handle huge traffic. 

Virtual Private Server

Also known as VPS hosting, it is somehow better than shared hosting. The server is separated into small independent servers and each small server space is given to a single website. Therefore, each website gets equal resources without interruption from any other website. It gives you a complete dedicated server space. It is also affordable and good for small to medium-sized websites.

Dedicated Hosting

Servers are not always shared. You can also get a dedicated server for your website. Dedicated hosting is a perfect plan in such cases. Large websites with huge data, information, high volume traffic, and globally linked business sites can opt for dedicated hosting. It is an expensive option but large business companies can easily afford it.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has customization options and you can increase your resources when required. Moreover, all the databases are stored on a cloud. It might be complicated for non-technical persons and people who don’t have any experience regarding server configuration.

Managed Hosting

Another popular type of hosting is managed-to-host which handles managing all the hosting services. You need to pay some extra money and the experts will handle all the nuts and bolts of your website. Security, speed management, and other services are provided. Busy persons or non-technical people prefer using managed hosting.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is specifically designed for WordPress users. The requirements of WordPress, related plugins, speed, security, automatic upgrades, and other relevant features are included in this type of hosting.

Reseller Hosting

If you want to purchase hosting and then offer it to other third-party users then reseller hosting is the best option. If you run a web development agency, then going with reseller hosting is an effective way to make more money.

Factors to Choosing the Right Hosting

Web hosting plays an important role in the development and performance of a website. Therefore, you must choose reliable hosting in Pakistan for this purpose. Here are some factors that you must consider while choosing a web hosting in Pakistan:

Choose a right hosting plan

As described earlier, various hosting plans are available. Therefore, you must consider the requirements of your website and then choose the most appropriate hosting plan that fulfils the requirements.

Uptime matters

The website should always be available on the internet. Unavailability may lead to a huge loss. Therefore, it is important to adopt a hosting plan that ensures 99.99% uptime.

Upgrade your server

The requirements of a new website are low but with time the website needs may increase. Therefore, it is important to choose a hosting provider that can upgrade the server.

Regular backups and security

A good hosting company offers regular backups and secures your website. SSL certificate and other malware security features are provided.

Free trials and refund policy

Free trials or refund policies are provided by good hosting companies. Therefore, always read all the terms and conditions before making a choice.

Website speed and performance

Website speed is very important and it mostly depends upon the hosting. Therefore, check if a hosting company provides fast loading speed and has satisfied customers. Read reviews to ensure the company’s credibility.

Customer support

Responsive customer support is also a good sign. 


Web hosting is an important factor in the success of your website. Website speed, performance, backups, security, server upgrading, uptime, and other factors depend upon the web hosting you choose for your site. 

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