Free web host and domain vs paid web host and domain


Free web host and domain vs paid web host and domain

Is it better to start with free web hosting? How is paid hosting better than free web hosting? What domain and hosting packages are appropriate?
Are these questions floating in your mind? Are you searching for the answers? If yes, then this article will help you to find the best suggestions and provide key takeaways. So, let’s dive through.

What is a domain?

The domain is the name of the website that visitors or customers use to reach your website. For example,, where my website is the domain name. It is similar to the address of your house. It can be the name of your business and build your brand name.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the place where your website lives and hosting links your website to the world of the internet. It can be related to the house where the website lives and you need to pay its rent. Different types of hosting include free hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, etc. 

Free VS Paid

Domain and hosting both are available free as well as at a good cost. Some companies offer a free domain with paid hosting whereas others offer free hosting and domain. Besides this, both are also available at different costs. Now you may ask for the difference between paid and free hosting and domain, so here it is.

Free Domain 

If you purchase hosting, then the company offers you a free domain for the first year. It is a discount package for startups. Moreover, few companies offer free domains just to trap beginners. In reality, it is a subdomain that is owned by the hosting company. 
For example,, Here domain is owned and controlled by the hosting provider or domain register. Latter is not a good choice because you can lose all your data at any time. In addition, it is not reliable, and clients also do not trust such sites.
Pros and Cons: It is free but only the hosting company owns your website, not you. 

Free hosting

Free hosting is offered by different hosting companies. But always remember that nothing is free. Such hosting providers will restrict you to place ads and itself place ads on your website. Thus, the hosting company will earn revenue as an alternative to hosting charges.
Moving forward, free hosting provides limited services thus disables you to build attractive sites, affect your SEO, and provides no security. Therefore, it is not recommended to go with free hosting.

Pros and Cons: It is free but the limited services can hurdle your progress. You can’t place ads or affiliate links thus can’t earn revenue. It limits the excess to plugins and other site-developing features.

Paid domain

The domain is the identity of your website therefore you must invest in it. A domain is available at low cost and yearly renewal. Therefore, it is good to start with control and a fully owned domain for your website.
Pros and Cons: It is paid but it builds your brand name and lets the customers trust you.

Paid hosting

Paid web hosting offers completely controlled and well-defined services. With little investment in hosting, you can build your website with plugins, widgets, effective themes, and much more. You can also get .pk domains trough paid hosting.

Furthermore, paid hosting offers good site speed, bandwidth, uptime, and web performance. Therefore, for better ranking and development of the website, it is good to start with paid hosting. You can go with shared, or dedicated hosting for better results.
Pros and Cons: It is paid but the complete control over the server and effective features help you to build an attractive site that will help you to engage the clients and earn good revenue.


If you are starting any business website or blog, then it is better to go with paid web hosting and domain name registration. Because the limitations of free domain and hosting will restrict your progress and business development. You cannot use plugins, earn revenue, sell your website, or build your brand name with a free domain and hosting plans. Thus, free is limited. So, you can identify your budget and keep some portion for the hosting as well.