Moving to a new hosting provider


Moving to a New Web Hosting Provider



When starting an online business, website, or blog, we need a server to host our website. The hosting plays a critical role in the performance of the website and the development of the business. Therefore, it is important to choose a hosting company.

As a beginner, many people are not aware about hosting and its importance. Moreover, they can be trapped by any low-quality hosting provider at cheap prices. The cheap services are not satisfactory. In that case, one can move to another web-hosting provider without compromising the quality of hosting services.If you are facing the same issue, then here are some steps that you can follow to move to a new web hosting provider in Lahore, Pakistan. So, don’t worry just read and follow.

Find a new host

Avoid repeating your previous mistake, it is important to choose a hosting company properly. It must be well-reputed, popular and has satisfied customers. You can read the online reviews and feedback to find the performance of the hosting services.

So after keen observation and comparing price plans, pick a new hosting provider.

Locate and Download the Website

Locate and download your website that the host might have placed anywhere. You can also collect backups of the website. Once the files and folders are downloaded and saved on your desktop. Then you are ready to give this database to your new hosting provider. You can also extract the database using the cPanel of the website. 

Upload Website and Import Database

Also, discuss with the new host the details of the database required for moving the website. You can upload the content via file manager, FTP, or dynamic website. And finally, if you are using WordPress as a content management system CMS then you can easily migrate your website in just a few clicks.

Test The Website

Once the website is completely transferred then it is time to test the website using the temporary URL or IP address. To find the server address, just log in to the cPanel, search the stats tab, clink expand stats, and find the IP address of your hosting.

Move your email

If you are using email hosting provided by the hosting company, then it is important to switch the email before moving to the new hosting company. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive any emails. Also, discuss this matter with your new hosting provider for better guidance.

Create new domain

After moving the website to the new host, you should create a new domain at the cPanel of the website. You can add it simply by clicking the addon's icon. Be careful, and use the URL you want to the website to be found. 

Update the Security

You should access the website by HTTPS. To do so, you need to install the SSL certificate. The new hosting provider can assist you in this regard. Some companies offer it as a free certificate while others can charge you. 

Cancel the old hosting account

Finally, you need to cancel the old hosting account. Test your site twice or thrice to find whether it is working effectively or not. Moreover, it is also better to wait for two days until all the old database has been removed from the old hosting.


If you are fed up with the inappropriate services offered by the hosting company, then it is time to move towards a new host for a better user experience. Move towards the new host, add domain, update email hosting, add security, and you are done.