Tips for Buying a Cheap Domain Name


Tips for Buying a Cheap Domain Name

The domain is the identity of a website and it is necessary to give a unique name to your site to make it available on the internet. Thus, it is the basic requirement to launch any website, online business, or a blog. You also need to register your domain name. But what to choose? How to make it affordable? 

Beginners with a smaller budget always try to find ways to get cheap domain names. But one should never compromise on the quality and try to get it from a reputable domain registrar such as ServerSea Hosting

Here are some tips that you must consider to buy a cheap domain name for your website. We hope these key gateways will help you.

Avoid Close Enough Domains

As we all know, the .com domain extension is very popular and demanding. No doubt, you should also consider the .com extension. But in case when .com is not available, or has a high cost, then you might think to choose a close enough domain TLD. In our opinion, it’s better to move with the .net domain TLD rather than choosing a close enough domain name. Because such domains confuse and make things difficult to understand and memorize for the users.

A good domain should be short, easy to type, and correctly spelled. Moreover, avoid hyphens, numbers, and multiple spellings while choosing a domain name. 
Besides this, other domain extensions are also readily available at cheap rates. 

Choose Reputed Registrars

It is better to choose reputed registrars such as because we always provide support to our customers. Specifically, when you are a beginner, you might face many problems and require customer support help to solve it. Reputed domain registrars also share discount coupons, new registration discounts, etc. Thus, with less cost, you can find a reliable, effective, and reputed domain registration company.

Long term purchases

If you are serious about your goals and business website, then it is better to purchase the domain for a minimum of 2 years. It is a great tip to buy a domain at a low cost because good companies offer discounts when you purchase any domain for two years. Purchasing for two years also minimizes your stress of renewal. Google also considers this commitment for better SEO ranking.

Auction Domains

Auction domain or the domain with a single word should be avoided. Because such domains are expensive and you might have to purchase such domains at the premium rates. Besides this, Google also prefers brand domains over generic domains. Therefore, auction domains are not a good choice.

Purchasing Hosting

It is not necessary to purchase hosting from the same company where you buy a domain name. Thus, you can purchase both the services from different companies. But We offer a free domain name when you purchase a hosting plan. It is also a good tactic to get a domain name for free. 


The domain name is the identity of any website. It is used to reach the site. Thus, the domain should be easy and short so that the visitors, audience, and other people can reach your website easily. 
No doubt, domains are expensive and available from Rs 1500/- to Rs 5000/-. But you can find free domain names with ServerSea Shared Hosting plans. The .pk domain names are also free with Unlimited Hosting plans.

However, if you want both the services from different companies, then you can do this too (no discounts available). You can also migrate your site from one company to another just before one month of renewal, if you are not happy with the service. Branded domain names are also a good option. Also, domain extensions other than .com are cheap and mostly available.