Tips for web hosting migration


Tips for Web Hosting Migration


Web hosting is defined as an internet service that gives individual or enterprise accessibility to launch its website on an online platform. The most common example we have is www. The provider of web hosting allows the organization or individual to store its files and database on a website for online viewing. Any internet surfer can have access to a website by entering its address to the search engine. Web hosting is basically a home to your website where all your files and content reside.

Deciding about a web host is one of the critical steps to take as it represents the foundation for your success.  Choosing the right web hosting in Pakistan will ensure profitability and boost the Company's overall standing in the online world.

Factors to look up to while choosing the right web hosting provider

The following points must be considered in mind:

Be aware of your website needs

Before considering anyone, assess your website nature and needs. Identify your target audience, look what type of product or service it is providing, and how much traffic it wants to attract. After building detailed knowledge of your website, go for web hosting options that satisfy the requirements. The most essential element to keep in mind for any web hosting provider is its specialty in E-commerce service. 

Monitor your server stability status

To be at the top of the list, it is very necessary to have your website active all the time. In this regard your web host provider must ensure that its uptime score is up to the mark and its stable enough in compliance with industry standard i.e. 99.95%. also ensure about the server responsiveness and speed ratio.

Get to know about the prices

Price is one of the reasons to consider while choosing for the right web hosting provider. There are generally two types of prices i.e. the sign up price and the renewal price.  Renewal prices are slightly higher than the sign up therefore you must be familiar between the two.

Assess their essential features

Generally like all the web hosting companies, ServerSea also offers essential services to its clients, on a safer note, one must ensure its options such as one click installer, files management and DNS management.

Web hosting migration

If you are one of those who are thinking to switch to new web host provider you may have encountered the following issues:

Your current web host have not provided you standard offerings

 You have issues with your website stability

Your web hosting provider is charging you more

There are few tips to remember while initiating your web host migration:

Migrate first, remove later

While switching between the two servers, keep in mind to transfer all your necessary documents first. It is a wrong move to inform your previous host about the migration before you actually transfer the data. The later move can cause content loss .The safer way to go along is to locate a backup page where all your data is saved.

Avoid upgrading your website unless you are done with the migration
Most importantly, never add any content or upload any files while you are undergoing the migration process. It will not be reflected on the new site after it is restored.

Migrate gradually
Try to undergo the process step by step meaning, conduct test samples and transfer files gradually. It will help you keep a track of the new site. Do not go in a single move.

Likewise, avoid doing multiple tasks all together, go gradually with one task then step onto another. For instance, if you're changing your address and redesigning your site at the same time, it can cause potential issues.

Carry out the transfer when the traffic is slow

To avoid the mishap of loss content, the migration must be carried out when the server is running fast. 

All these web hosting migration tips would help you to transfer your website successfully.