We are Making New Price Adjustments


We are Making New Price Adjustments

At ServerSea, our hearts beat strong for our customers. This is why, when you do business with us, not only do we ensure that you get the best value, but also that we go above and beyond your expectations.
This year to help you stay ahead of your competition we have upgraded our server hardware technology. Additional upgrades are expected to be rolled out in the coming months. Our new technology deployment has the potential to unlock new possibilities for you. So, we wanted to pop-in and share what we have got planned for the coming months and how new technology and effects of navigating through the post-COVID world impacts our pricing:

- Server Sea is now having a new server technology that comes with a minimum of 256GB RAM and 20-CORE processors as compared to the old server infrastructure. This upgradation means better performance and improved speed for all our users. 

- Deployment of new hardware tech will have an effect on our overall pricing. This is because new hardware deployment has an impact on server cost which ultimately affects the pricing structure.

- As we navigate through the post-COVID world, price hikes have become a global phenomenon. And at Server Sea, our pricing structure is undergoing some adjustments to reflect these global changes. We make sure that our hosting plans offer the best value for our customers and at the same time doesn’t have to break the bank.

- Just like last year, Verisign has increased its prices for the .COM domain by 7% in 2021 and is expected to announce another increase in 2022 and in 2023 as well. After a two-year freeze, Verisign reserves the right to increase its prices further on the same rate annually for the period 2026-2029. This increase in .COM domain prices directly impacts our Shared, Unlimited and WordPress Hosting Plans. 

- For those who might not know, back in 2019, cPanel has increased their prices about 800% and moved away from the unlimited domain license structure to a count-based pricing system. Unlike any other hosting service provider, ServerSea didn't increase the prices back in 2021 at its full. We have been absorbing the cost increase each year to keep the pricing we offer our customers stable.
Unfortunately, with cPanel’s recent price increase that has been effective since January 2022, we must change the way we bill our customers to ensure we continue to offer the best value. We have planned to roll out new cPanel cost adjustments from the month of 15th June 2022 onwards. 

You can view the table below to get a quick idea of how new prices will be reflected on your account:

- If you are like us, you love bonuses. And we have got one for you as we recover from the pandemic and navigate through the post-COVID world: with our newly launched Referral Program you can now earn a commission of up to PKR 1,500/- on every new referral. All these details are available on your membership account. Or you can quickly scoop up the serious stuff here.

We want to thank you for being part of the Server Sea Family, and we’re ready for us to boost your growth even more in the months to follow. Of course, your needs are unique, so we would love to hear from you about how you are enjoying our services and the new upgrades, plus how you’d want us to make it even better. 
You might also want to take note that because of frequent fluctuations in the dollar currency exchange rate, our service prices are constantly updated on our website to reflect the changes. 

Note: Price changes for ServerSea customers will take effect from on 15th June, 2022 for both new and renewal.