Freelancing in Urdu


What does Freelancing Mean in Urdu?

Freelancing is a way of making money online by selling digital services to multiple vendors without being an employee of a single company. In Urdu, the meaning remains the same. Various services can be sold online including graphic designing, content creation, video editing, copywriting, digital marketing, and much more. During and after the pandemic, people prefer hiring sellers online. Besides this, many people are also willing to sell their services online. Hence, freelancing is a beneficial way of selling and purchasing services. As it costs business owners less money.

How does freelancing work?

People all over the globe are connected through the internet. Therefore, to sell or buy services, one has to connect with other communities using the internet. Here are a few ways to find and connect with a buyer for freelance work.

Freelance Marketplaces

Various freelance marketplaces have been launched where buyers and sellers can interact with each other. The most commonly used are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru. Buyers and sellers create an account and build a profile on these platforms in order to find or offer jobs. Sellers can make money that can easily be withdrawn.

Requirements: To create an account or profile on the freelance marketplace, you must require a good portfolio and a practical skillset. After completing all the details, your report will be created. Some freelance marketplaces ask for skill tests, personal details, and identity proof. 

Social Media

Another common way of interacting with clients is through social media. Sellers should develop and maintain their social media presence, offer services, and make money online. The most commonly used platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Interest. It is a less reliable platform than freelance marketplaces because social media cannot provide a secure way of money transfer and security. However, you can move your clients from social media to freelance marketplaces for reliable earnings.

Requirements: Creating accounts on social media platforms is easy and you can easily connect to any of them through a Gmail account. Add an attractive and professional profile picture, and share your skills and services. Joining relevant groups is also a good way to interact with respective persons. 


A website is also a good way of creating an online presence. One can create a website and display his portfolio, and run paid or organic marketing campaigns such as SEO to rank the website in various search engines. Clients can contact you through the website and ask for your services. You can make a suitable offer and sell your services. In this case, you can either collect money in your bank account or ask the clients to connect you through any reliable freelance marketplace. 

Requirements: Website domain registration and web hosting in Pakistan are required to run a website. Both are affordable and can be purchased through a web hosting agency. Once you get one, build and design your website. It is good to add proper keywords to rank your website in search engines. 


Freelancing is a way of selling services through the Internet and making money online. It can be started through a freelance marketplace, social media, and even a professional website. One can adopt any of them and start making money online.