What is a domain name


What is a Domain Name and How Do Domains Work

Beginners are usually confused about the domain. They confuse the domain with the website or with web hosting services. All these things are different. The most common question that they ask is what domain name is and how it works. Therefore, in this article, we are going to share an ultimate guide about the domain and its working. This article will help you understand what a domain is and how you can grab a good domain name for your website. So, let’s begin.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is the identity of your website. Website is the house whereas the domain is the address. People enter your domain name in the URL search bar and reach your site. 
Millions of websites are available on the internet and computers understand these websites with a specific IP address which is different for each site. For example, is an IP address. Imagine how life would be remembering the IP address of all the websites? Including Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and even your own site?  No doubt, it is a tough task to memorize these tough and numeric IP addresses. To eliminate this hectic task, domain names were introduced. Now you can easily type the domain and reach any site easily.

How does the domain name work?

Domain working is quick and efficient. Whenever you type a domain name in the search bar, the request to global network servers that is Domain Networking System (DNS) is forwarded.
These servers then find the name servers that are linked with the specific domain and forward the request to the name server. Name servers are managed by the hosting company. The request is then forwarded to the web server (the computer that stores the website). Afterward, the web server searches the associated information which is then displayed as a result on your computer screen.

What’s the difference between domain and hosting?

As described earlier, the domain is the address whereas hosting is the home where the website lives. Hosting provides the server where all databases and information is stored.
To create a website, you need both the domain and hosting. Keep in mind that these are two different services. You need to buy them separately either from the same company or different.

Types of domain

Different types of domains are available in the market. To understand the difference, domain parts need to be clarified. The domain consists of two parts i.e., domain name and domain extension.
The domain name is the name that you can choose depending upon your choice. Whereas, domain extension is the last part of the domain such as .com, .net, .co, etc.

Three types of domains are described below.

Top-Level Domain

These are the generic domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, etc. There are hundreds of domains where the most popular are .com, .net, and .org. It is not recommended to move with the lesser-known TLDs such as .biz, .info, .club, etc.

Country Top Level Domain

It is a type of domain that is the country-specific domain extensions such as .uk is for the United Kingdom, .in is for India, .pk is for Pakistan. The websites that target the audience of a specific website can choose these types of domains.

Sponsored Top-Level Domain

Sponsored Top-Level Domain is the type of domain that sponsors any specific community where it serves. Such as .gov is for government, .edu is for an educational organization, etc. The organizational-specific sites can go with these domain extensions.

How to choose the best domain name for your business?

Here are some easy tips and tricks to help you find the best domain name for your business. 

Question 1: WHY?

Before stepping into the things to be considered while choosing a domain name, it is crucial to understand why it is so important. Let’s get started!

First impression matter

The website URL is the first thing that the visitor interacts with. A good domain name will leave a positive image in the user’s mind while a bad one can make them leave the site, never to come back again.

Brand Representation

The domain name is used to represent the business name. It is a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness and help with the business growth. Unique brand names help visitors to remember your brand and revisit the site again.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Many bloggers say that the exact-match domains are no longer needed but still, keywords in domain names help with the SEO. 

Question 1: HOW?

Once you have identified the significance of a good domain name, here are some tactics to find out how you can choose a good domain name.

1. Avoid characters

It is not suitable to add hyphens, characters, and numbers to a domain name. Because these things are difficult to type and remember. Moreover, typing mistakes can lead users to land on your competitor’s site leading to revenue losses.

2. Easy and memorable

The domain name should be easy and memorable. It must be short, unique, easy to type, remember, and verbal. You can consult your friends to identify these domain names. 

3. Popular domain extensions

Going with popular domain extensions is a good choice.  .com.pk domain, .org, .net, etc. are commonly used domain extensions and are mostly preferred. Majority of the internet users type .com to find a website using the internet. Therefore, going with .com can boost your traffic reach.

4. Trademark registered
It is important to find out whether your selected domain name is trademark registered or not. You must go with the one that has not been registered by anyone. Moreover, also check the social media platforms to avoid any conflict. 

5. Take help from domain generators

Got stuck? Domain generators are free online tools that can help you find unique and attractive domain names. You can provide some keywords related to your brand and it will create the domain names for you. Many free domain generator tools are also available online. 

6. Multiple domain extensions

You can also purchase a domain with different extensions such as .net, .org, etc. You can direct each domain to your main website i.e., .com. It will ensure that all your visitors will reach your site and you will not be missing any of them.

Question 3: Where?
Once you choose a good domain name that is unique and represents your business then a question arises where to get that domain name?
The answer is that domain names can easily be registered online. Various domain registrars are available that ask for some basic details and with a small domain registration fee you can purchase your domain. 

How to buy a domain?

To purchase a domain name for your website, you need to find a domain registrar. Domain registrars are easily available online, just go to the domain registrar site and purchase a domain. Keep in mind, purchasing a domain doesn’t purchase hosting. To do so, you need to purchase hosting separately. 

Bottom line

The domain is the identity of the website and it should be short, easy to remember and pronounce. You can also use domain generators to find good domain ideas. Moreover, if you are working for the organization then go with .org. Whereas, if targeting any specific country traffic, it is good to go with .uk, .in, .cn, etc.
Hosting is different from domain. You need to purchase both these services separately. You can purchase a domain for one year easily from any domain registrar or ServerSea hosting company.