web hosting bandwidth


What is a Web hosting Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the amount of data that your website can provide to a viewer at a specific time. The unit used to measure and sell the bandwidth is Gigabytes (GB). But some hosting companies also claim to provide unlimited bandwidth. 

Why is Bandwidth always Valued?

Bandwidth is important for a website. High bandwidth volume has the capacity to share website information with the audience quickly, even when the traffic audience is high. Low bandwidth will deliver the data slowly which may irritate the user. Moreover, bandwidth also enables to the provision of dynamic features and content on a website. Such features may attract and engage visitors.

How to Check the Bandwidth of your website?

Checking the bandwidth of any website is simple and easy. Just log-in to your hosting account and go to cPanel. Find the section that shows the website resource activity. It might differ for each hosting company. The bandwidth icon is displayed there so you can check the bandwidth of your web.

What is an Unlimited Bandwidth?

You may have often observed that the Webhosting company offers unlimited bandwidth. But it is not really unlimited as there is a limit to everything.  The reason they call it unlimited is that they know the expected usage of your hosting package and are aware of the fact that you will never reach that limit. New sites never reach the bandwidth limit of the bandwidth. Besides this, if the site reaches the limit, then the hosting company temporarily blocks your site and sends a spike so that you can upgrade.

How much Bandwidth is enough for a website?

Knowing the limits and choosing an appropriate plan for your site is good practice. You should not pay for what is not required. The requirement of bandwidth depends upon 3 factors:

Number and size of pages 
The audience reaching the site
The number of pages each viewer looks at.

New sites have less content, and few viewers as compared to an old site having many pages, audio, images, videos, etc., and huge traffic.  Old sites require more bandwidth than new Sites. In this way, you can estimate your bandwidth requirement.

What happens if the Bandwidth limit exceeds?

There are three things that happen when a bandwidth limit exceeds.

The website can be suspended.
Charges exceed depending upon the usage.
Upgradation of the hosting version to facilitate the excessive bandwidth.

How to Reduce the Bandwidth?

If you don't want to exceed the bandwidth limits then consider the following points. This will reduce your bandwidth usage.

Compress the images before uploading them to the site.
Reduce the large videos and downloads on the site.
Use plug-ins to create static content on your site for the clients.


The bandwidth is an important thing to consider when you are purchasing any Web hosting. So, identify your needs and then buy an appropriate hosting plan accordingly. You can always consult with Serversea Hosting for your web hosting details.