why domain name privacy protection


Why do you need domain name privacy protection?


Are you trying to learn the importance of privacy protection of domain names? Why is it necessary or required? What losses can you get without domain privacy protection?

If this is your query, then you are at the right place. Today, we are sharing a complete guide about domain name privacy protection. So, let’s begin and explore all about privacy protection.

What is domain name privacy protection?

Whenever you register a domain name, the personal details are shared publicly in the database of WHOIS. 

What if you want to hide all your details from the database? To do so, you need to add-on a domain name privacy protection. This will hide all your data from the whole world. 

What information is shared on WHOIS?

The WHOIS database shares the name, contact number, email address, domain registration email address, and other information. Moreover, domain details such as registration date, expiry date, renewal dates, etc. are also shared publicly. 

Why privacy protection?

Privacy Protection cost lies between $2 to $20. With this little cost, you can stay away from the reach of people with poor intentions. This cost is much less as compared to the loss you can face due to the publically shared information.

Why is domain privacy protection required?

Now you might ask why it is necessary to mask the details about the domain? Here are some points that will enable you to understand the importance of domain privacy protection.

Personal Data Accessibility

Everyone can and collect their personal information from the WHOIS database. Including hackers, jealous persons, competitors, and others with bad intentions. 

If your website is a small business, then the hackers will target you as well as your customers and ruin your business. Thus, it is better to stay out of the sight of such bad intenders.

Scammers Risk

Different marketing companies can collect your information from the database and call you to sell out their products. Thus, you might be receiving many calls for this purpose. Moreover, they can also insist you buy things that you don’t need actually. Thus, it is good to hide your details.

Hacking Assets

All your information is presented in the database. So the hackers can reach it easily. We know it took a lot of time to build a website. What if hackers crack your information and transfer the domain to another address without any consent?

Thus, domain privacy shields your domain from the reach of strangers and hackers. It is just like a lock at the door of your house.

Bundle of Emails

On the WHOIS database, your email address is visible to all. So, you will not only receive calls but also a huge number of emails will be reached. If you are receiving emails from unsubscribed channels, then your email is exposed to scammers.

Competitors Reach

Using information about the domain your competitors can collect enough information to target your sales, marketing products, and revenue also. If you are planning to launch a new service/product on the website, competitors will get the knowledge and they can target your audience as well. Therefore, keep your domain protected and stay out of the reach of competitors.


Domain Privacy Protection plays an important role in guarding your website against the reach of the people. It takes huge efforts, time, and hard work to build as well as rank the website. Therefore, don’t destroy it by sharing all your information with your competitors, hackers, and scammers.

Moreover, sharing contact details as well as emails with the public will result in a huge number of calls and emails from the marketers. That will also disturb you a lot. You cannot use fake email or information to buy a domain name thus it is the only option to use domain name privacy protection to guard your website.

We hope this article shared helpful information. Buy the domain privacy protection at the time of domain registration. If you haven’t done it yet, then just contact your domain registrar and get your information masked at a very low cost. Stay safe and protected.