Shared Web Hosting Pakistan


Why is shared hosting best for personal sites?

Are you running or planning to establish a personal website? It is a demanding project. As the globe is digitalizing the demand for online visibility, the demand for going online is increasing. Therefore, it is important to start your personal site as soon as possible.

What to do with web hosting?

Yes, it is the question that every person asks or gets stuck at. Are you the one who is confused about whether to pick a shared hosting or a dedicated one?

In this article, we will briefly discuss shared hosting and how it is the best type of hosting for personal sites.

Introduction to Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting plan that provides shared servers to many websites. It has limited storage space and bandwidth. Shared hosting is designed for beginners or websites having limited traffic. Moreover, it is the cheapest service and thus makes it a perfect choice for sites that are not meant for direct earning either affiliate marketing or AdSense.

What makes shared hosting a good choice?

Shared hosting is a good hosting plan for personal sites due to the following reasons:

1. Personal websites have a small traffic reach. People from a specific community will land at your website. Moreover, traffic per minute will also be less. It concludes that a personal website requires small bandwidth and uptime as compared to business websites. Therefore, when your website needs can be fulfilled by shared hosting (limited services) then why pay for extra features. It is similar to a small family comprising a couple and two kids who should prefer living in an apartment other than a rental villa. 

2. The goal of a personal website is to introduce yourself and your skillset to the community. Freelancers and other personalities prefer building personal websites. It is never meant for earning money directly via the website as in the case of Google AdSense or affiliate marketing. Thus, investing in expensive dedicated hosting or VPS hosting is not the need at all.

3. All the maintenance of the server is handled by the hosting company. Thus, you don’t need to work on hosting management. Just build a website and work on it.

4. As it is a personal website and you will be the only person to handle your website. Shared web hosting comes with the advantage that it comes with a user-friendly admin panel that makes it super easy for you to manage your WordPress website easily and effectively.

5. It is the cheapest hosting plan that encourages you to start your personal website. With around 300/- per month, you can get the best-shared hosting plan services.

6. A personal website has small information, data, and media files. Thus, a small disc space will be enough to get the desired website. It can be achieved with a shared hosting plan.

Which company offers the best hosting plans?

In reality, shared hosting has limited features and that’s why it is a cheaper hosting plan. But many companies offer it as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain, unlimited storage space, etc. Nothing is free or unlimited in this world for a minor price. So, the best way to pick an appropriate hosting company is to judge its reputation in the market. is a well-reputed hosting company that offers excellent shared hosting plans. The services are reliable with no hidden or extra charges. In addition, a free domain with shared hosting is also available for a lifetime. This is how encourages you to build a personal website and build your online visibility.


Shared hosting is affordable and covers all the features that a small and personal website requires. A personal website is a small website and requires limited bandwidth and disk space. All such features can be fulfilled by the shared package. Thus, it is not a bad choice to start with shared hosting. is a reliable company that offers a lifetime free domain with the purchase of a hosting plan. So, what are you waiting for? Visit now and grasp your shared hosting plan with a free domain. Launch your personal website and interact with the worldwide community.