website high bounce rate


Why website faces a high bounce rate?

What is a bounce rate and why your website is facing a high bounce rate? Such queries are faced by every blogger and website owner at least once in a lifetime. So, in this article, we will discuss the bounce rate and the reasons behind it. Stay tuned and read till the end.

What is a bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the number of visitors that have left your website just after reaching it. The visitors that bounce back are recorded as bounce rate. Bounce rate is the term introduced and used by Google. You can check the website bounce rate at Google Analytics. The bounce rate should be minimum. It can be reduced by improving the website and making it an attractive place for the visitors to stay. If the visitors stay at your website for a longer period, the bounce rate will be automatically reduced. 

Why bounce rate is high?

Various reasons can increase the bounce rate of the website. Here we have discussed a few important ones that can help you improve your website.

Website Loading Speed

Whenever a visitor reaches the website, it should load as soon as possible. Slow responding sites leaves a poor impact on the visitor and users may feel fed up and leave the site.
Therefore, keep an eye on the website speed and performance especially loading time to reduce bounce rate. Website speed also depends upon the server, so choose reliable web hosting in Pakistan. is a  well-reputed hosting company ensuring 100% web performance. 

Lack of Quality and sufficient content

The website should provide sufficient content to make visitors stay on the web page. Sometimes the content is not good so the visitor might leave the site. Whereas, sometimes the information is insufficient that pulls the visitors away from the site. So, it is important to make the content sufficient for the visitor to reduce the bounce rate. 

Relevant Title and Meta description

Always use relevant title and meta description because visitors choose or click your website after reading the title and meta description on the search engine result page. In case, visitors don’t find information relevant to the title and description, it immediately leaves the website resulting in an increased bounce rate. So, write relevant and good titles and never mislead your audience.

Irresponsive pages

Make sure that all the pages of your website are working smoothly. If any page is interrupted the audience will leave the website resulting in a high bounce rate. Such as 404-page errors, technical errors, or blank pages. Avoid such mistakes to reduce bounce rate. You can use Google Search Console to find such errors on your site.

Bad backlinks

In some cases, everything is good at your end but you have irrelevant traffic. It might be due to irrelevant backlinks from other sites. For example, your website discusses web hosting whereas a food website shares your website link as a hyperlink in their food product. Visitors when visiting your site would immediately bounce back. 

Mobile Friendly

Majority of the visitors who visit the site uses mobile phones. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly then the traffic will be unable to view the web content on mobile devices thus leaving the site quickly causing a bad bounce rate.

Excessive information

Asking for excessive information from the visit such as contact details, credit card numbers, etc. might cause people to leave your site. Because they don’t trust you much and would not like to share personal details just after visiting it. Thus, to avoid bounce rate avoid asking for excessive personal details.