SSL Certificate


Why You Need a SSL Certificate for your Website?

SSL certificate is important as far as security issues are concerned. Just imagine if your bank account number is leaked due to hacking or through some other cyber problem. This can really dent your brand and can prove to be a nightmare. To avoid all such issues, it's always better to equip your website with an SSL certificate for security. If you are browsing a website and want to know if it is secure or not, you can check for a green padlock in the URL bar along with the website's name which is written in green on the upper side. According to this if the security seal does not appear in the URL bar then the website you are browsing on is not safe.

SSL  certificate works as a digital documentation that verifies the recommendations i-e. the certificate holder, serial number, and expiry date along with the signature of the certificate-issuing authority. 
SSL certificate also improves and enhances the search engine ranking of a website because Google will improve the rankings to ensure safe browsing for visitors.

Some people are of the view that if you install an SSL certificate to a website, it will slow down the website's loading time. But it is just a myth. In truth, an SSL certificate helps to load the website quickly by increasing the website speed. So in a way, it helps to improve search engine optimization.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate for your website some of the customers would consider it to be untrustworthy and would not visit your website. So if you want to make your site reliable you need an SSL certificate for your website so that more visitors visit your website and the traffic of your website increases. The most important and simple part of this certificate is that one can easily install it and then execute it and once you install it your customers will start considering you as a professional brand.

SSL certificate prevents leaking of data. Data includes bank account numbers, credit card details, debit card details, passwords, and any other financial information. It helps to prevent the data leaking or transfer from one computer to another computer or one computer to another server.

SSL certificate also protects against phishing attacks. What is a phishing email? That is the question that arises in most cases. A phishing email is an email that is sent by a criminal who tries to mock your website. SSL certificate helps to encrypt all sensitive information of transfer.

In today's times,  A lot of awareness is present among customers regarding the significance of website security. Most often, when visitors are worried about the protection of their data it would be easy for them if a website has an SSL Certificate because it removes their security fear and improves their user experience. 

Many e-commerce sites, particularly, contain SSL certificates so that the customer would not be scared to make any kind of payment on a secure website. SSL certificate will improve your conversion rate and also boosts your business growth. Hence, the ROI of the SSL security certificate is quite good and impressive.

In fact, most sites have an SSL certificate to accept credit card information on a website. For this purpose, you can pass certain types of audits which show that your sites are complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. It helps to share that you have properly used an SSL Certificate for your website to make it secure for transactions. A Free SSL certificate is included under all our web hosting Plans.