FAQs about domain registration


FAQs About Domain Registration

Many people ask different queries about domain registration, domain name, and its importance. So, today our team has collected some most common questions asked regarding domain registration. We will try our best to address the queries and provide an appropriate answer to all.
 So, let’s begin.

Question 1: What is a domain name?

The domain is the identity of a website. The name or URL of the website that is used to reach the specific site is known as a domain name. Just like the address is to the house, the domain is to the website. 

Question 2: Why is the domain name important?

A domain name is important because it identifies your online presence, business, or website. Without any domain, people will not be able to find you in the huge world of the internet. Therefore, domain registration is the first step for starting an online business. 

Question 3: What is domain extension or Top Level Domain (TLD)?

Domain extension or TLD is the tail part of any domain. For example, in www.serversea.pk, ServerSea is the domain name while .com is the domain extension. Any business or website can choose TLD depending upon its preferences. 

Question 4: How to register a domain name?

Domain registration is a simple and online procedure. Just find any popular and reputed domain registrar Such as ServerSea Domain Registration to get your domain name registered. 

Question 5: Does domain registration protect my business?

It is better to register the domain name to build your brand and protect the name from competitors. Moreover, you can register domain names at different extensions or TLDs to avoid others copying your business name. 

Question 6: How to choose a domain name?

Choose a domain name precisely because the domain is the identity of your website. A good domain name is short, easy to type, memorable, verbal, not misspelled, without any hyphens and  numbers. It is also unique, and brandable. Such domain names are effective and good for any business.

Question 7: How costly it is to register a domain?

Domain registration is not much costly. Many companies offer a domain registration starting from $1. You can also get a free domain with hosting. So, many options are available. Besides this, domain registration is for at least one year. Therefore, in my opinion, it is not a costly package.

Question 8: What does the domain renewal cost?

Domain renewal is not a costly package. At the time of domain registration, it is better to clarify the renewal charges. Usually, these are the same. However, you need to renew the domain annually or once in two years. It depends on the package you choose. 

Question 9: Are hosting and domain the same?

Most beginners are confused about domain names and hosting. It needs to be cleared that domain and hosting are different. Web Hosting is the rented place where your business website setup will be stored. The domain is the name of your website.

Question 10: Is it important to purchase a domain and host collectively or from the same registration platform?

You can purchase the domain and web hosting from the same company or a different one. This depends upon your choice. Whereas, you can also purchase hosting and domain collectively as it comes with a discount. Besides this, some bloggers and other online business owners prefer purchasing both services from different companies for better security purposes. So, it depends on you.

Question 11: What is a subdomain?

The subdomain is the subsections of your domain. Such as sub-folders. For example, www.google.com is the domain whereas scholar.google.com is the subdomain.
Likewise, some companies offer free subdomain and you will need to use the specific domain name attached with your domain. For example, blogger.com offers a free subdomain that can be mywebsite.blogger.com.

Question 12: Which domain extension or TLD is good?

The most commonly used TLD is .com. Whereas, you can also use .net, .org, .gov, .edu, .au, .cn, .in, etc. depending upon your preferences. Businesses that target specific countries use country-specific domains such as .Pk domains TLD as it ranks better in that specific targeted area. So, you can clarify your preferences before choosing any domain extension.

Bottom line

The domain is the identity of your website. You can pick a good name and start your online business today. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Our team will try our best to answer the related queries.