Guide to choosing domain name extensions


Guide to choosing domain name extensions

Domain name extensions play a significant role in website ranking. Whereas, many people find it difficult to choose a perfect domain extension. If you are the one who gets confused while doing so, then keep reading this article. Here we will cover, what domain extension is, the most popular extensions and their uses, finding which one is perfect for your website.
So, let’s begin and explore all about domain extensions. Learn more about domain registration here.

What is domain extension?

The domain extension is the last part of the domain. It is also known as a top-level domain (TLD). 
For example, is a domain name. Here, .edu is the domain extension. Likewise, multiple domain extensions are available in the market.
Now you might ask: WHY?

As many sites are available on the internet each having different goals and targets. Similarly, different domain extensions are defined to identify the use and significance of the website.
The most popular domain extensions and their uses

.com: It was initially designed for the commercial website. But now it is used for all types of domains. Moreover, it is the most common extension used globally.

.org: It is used for non-profit organizations. You should not use it for business as it might create confusion for the audience.
.net: Another most popular domain extension that is used for multiple purposes. It is a good choice if .com is taken. It represents networking and technologies. Therefore, it will be a suitable choice for tech companies.

.edu: It is most probably used for public registration, educational institutes, and learning websites. Never go with this domain if you are selling commercial products as it will create confusion for the visitors.

.biz: This one is one of the great extensions designed specifically for businesses. But STOP! This extension is usually used by spam sites and is considered not a good choice for business companies.
.info: Informative sites that share multiple information can use this type of domain extension. If you are selling products then avoid the .info extension, as it is not for you.
.me: Personal bloggers and website builders use this extension. It has no commercial intention. Hobby blogs, portfolios, etc. can use this extension.

Besides this, various other domain extensions are also available in the market. You can choose any of them according to the need and intentions of your website. Whereas, choosing the most relative extension will be helpful. 

Moreover, some geographical domain extensions are also available such as .uk, .cn, .pk domains, .in, .au, etc. Such domains are perfect for those who target the specific area population. For example, if you sell products in the United Kingdom, then it is perfect to go with local domain extensions. It will help you rank in specific locations and you will have a better reach to your targeted population. 

How to choose a perfect extension?

Many people confuse choosing a domain extension for your website. Here are some tips that you should follow to make a precise choice.
Identify the purpose of the site

While starting an online business, you need to identify the purpose of the website. Your goals will help you choose a domain extension. Such as, if you are selling products, then go with .com, if you are starting an organization setup then .org will be a good choice. In this way, you can choose a domain extension.

Geographical extensions

If you are targeting the community of a specific area, then it is better to go with local domains. For example, .us is for the United States, .cn is for China, .ca is for Canada, etc. Approximately, 200 different countries domain extensions are available and you can easily pick the one for you. 

SEO matter a lot

SEO is also important as it helps you to reach more audiences and gain more revenue. Therefore, choose the extension that improves your ranking. Currently, .com is the most popular extension and has a better chance to rank in search engines.

Final Words

In a nutshell, domain extension plays a critical role in the ranking of your website. Therefore, make a precise choice while picking an extension. Multiple domain extensions are available in the market. It is better to make it relatable to your business goals, or geographical areas.