Exact Match Domain


How can you boost your website traffic with exact match domain name?

Are you struggling with the best exact match domain? Is it a good way to rank a website in Google? Does website traffic boost with exact match domain?

If these queries are arising in your mind, then STOP browsing more.

You are at the right place. We will discuss how the exact match domain plays a significant role in gaining heavy traffic to your website and improving its revenue. 

Domains and Exact Match Domains (EMD)

As we know that the domain is the identity of a website. Whereas, an exact match domain is the domain name after the keyword you want to rank your website in Google SERP.

Let’s elaborate with an example:

If you want to rank the website with keto diet then the exact match domain will be ketodiet.com. However, some other long-tail exact match domains are mybestketodietproducts.com.

History of Exact Match Domain

The exact match domain was an easy and effective way to rank the websites. For many years, people used to purchase exact match domains and rank websites in Google.  Moreover, with little content, they remained on the first page and earned a good revenue.

In 2020, Google penalized the exact match domains and filtered out the domains having long-winded domains such as buyblackjacket. com, etc.

Scope of Exact Match Domain

The scope and significance of EMD are still there and you can still get the huge benefit in 2021. Because in some cases, the exact match domain does not get penalized and you can still rank it in Google. 

For an exact match domain, the website’s home page will be the landing page. It can be a welcome page. Using the right anchor texts with the right keywords will surely help you rank well in the SERPs.

Afterwards, the landing page will move towards the other content pages and rank your exact match domain in the Google SERPx.  

Suggestions regarding an Exact Match Domain

The exact match domain works perfectly fine still in 2021. If you have an exact match domain then it is not suggested to change the domain name and move towards another. You can also rank and get the benefits with an exact match domain.

However, if you are starting with a new domain name then it is better to skip the exact match domain and make another good choice.

There are many other techniques that you can use to rank your domain in Google SERP. According to MOZ, you can also promote and develop your website on another authorized website. Thus, once they refer to your site on their platform, you will rank properly.

In addition, share unique and quality content on your website. You can also rank pages on the website. You can also create press-releases, blogs, ebooks, etc., and let other websites link back to you. In this way, Google crawlers will improve your site rank.

Moreover, try to make your website speed optimized, well organized, properly coded, so that search engines can crawl as well as rank it properly.

So, creating a brand domain such as lawnplants.com will be better to rank in Google and cover all the winter and summer plants for sale. Rather than focusing on a long exact match domain such as roseplantsforlawn.com.


The exact match domain was the ultimate way to get ranked for the last many years. But now things have changed and the exact match domain is not very effective or the only way to rank your website in SERP. Therefore, to get visitors' attention, it is better to create unique, informative, and quality content. 
Moreover, using the brand domain that represents and identifies your brand should be preferred. However, if you are already working on an exact match domain then stick to it, redirecting to another website at this stage is not recommended.

In conclusion, the exact match domain is not a bad option but why stick with it when you have many other quality and better options existing. Moreover, backlinking, references from authority sites, and content coverage still play a better role in ranking websites in Google SERP.

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