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  • What is a WHOIS domain?

    WHOIS is an internet protocol that is used worldwide that lets you find information about a domain name. It offers details such as ownership, domain’s registration and administrative contacts. WHOIS data also includes information related to domain owner’s name, registration date, email address and more.
  • How can I find who owns a domain?

    You can easily check out who owns a domain name by searching through a WHOIS lookup. You can check through the ServerSea WHOIS lookup tool to search for the information related to a domain name. It will share all the information regarding a domain’s owner and registration details. You can also use accredited domain registrar’s sites to check WHOIS information.
  • How to check for a domain name?

    To check a domain name’s availability, you can use ServerSea domain registrar’s site or a domain search tool. Enter the desired domain name in our search bar to see its availability and in case it's taken, you can check WHOIS information to find out about its ownership etc.
  • Who Runs Domains?

    Domain Names are grouped into domain name systems (DNS) also known as root zones and these root zones are managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN maintains and coordinates the global DNS to manage the domain names and IP address allocation.
    Underneath ICANN, domain name registrars such as ServerSea are responsible for specific top-level domains (TLDs), such as .com, .org and country-code TLDs like .ca, .pk and .uk. We manage the registration and maintenance of domain names with respective TLDs. 
*All the prices are worked out in the conformity with the basic factor of 1 US dollar equivalent to Pak Rupees 285.00. Please note that any variation in the open market of US dollar would automatically re-adjust our charges it higher or lower side.